It’s planting season! The key to a great-looking yard is variety. It’s not just the spice of life, it’s the spice of landscaping. If you are ready to tackle planting flowers, bushes, or shrubs around your Mason, Ohio home this spring, here are some helpful tips to give you the best chances at success:

As we approach summer, growing reaches its peak. You’ll have optimal sunlight, but establishing plants during the rainy season (Spring) will help you offset some of the dryer months of summer.

If you are looking to start a fresh flower bed, and dedicate an area of your landscape to new plants, shrubs, bushes, here’s where to start:

Plan Ahead

Visualize the space (or work with KW landscaping to find the right layout and design for you!). The direction of the sun, type of plant, and how well the area holds moisture all have an impact on suitable locations for your beds.

The direction of the sun will determine what types of plants you should consider. Plants will be tagged with “full sun” “partial sun” “full shade” “partial shade” so you can determine which shrubs to select based on the amount of sunlight your Southwest, Ohio flowerbed will receive.

Also, check your soil. Most shrubs thrive in a wide variety of soils as long as they are well-draining soils. If your native soil is clay or rocky, supplement the soil with compost to improve drainage. 

Another thing to consider is the heights of the plants you are choosing. Make sure to check the future growth dimensions of your plant (you don’t want to have your tallest plants placed in the front of the landscaping and lose the visibility of your other beautiful plants!) as part of the planning phase.

Prepare Site

Now that you’ve selected the perfect space for your landscaping bed, it’s time to prepare the site for planting. It’s best to turn over the soil in the area, providing you with the optimal space to start digging your holes for your shrubs, flowers, and bushes. 

The hole for the plants should be twice as wide and as deep as the root ball. When you set your plant, the trunk should be one to two inches above the existing soil level. Begin by returning the native soil to backfill the hole, and you can supplement the soil with compost to help ensure optimal growth. Repeat for all of your plants, considering again future growth to help space out all of your individual bushes and shrubs.

Water and Weed (Upkeep)

The most important step of all! Caring for your landscaping by providing it with consistent water and maintenance (especially during the establishing phase) is vital for it’s survival. Pulling weeds and keeping your beds free from debris will allow your shrubs, bushes and flowers to thrive. With our KW Diamond Service, we can even take this step off your plate! 

The Best Shrubs For Dayton, Ohio

Not sure what to plant for your flower bed in Southwest, Ohio? Here are some of the best options for your climate:

  1. Hydrangea: Flowering shrubs wonderful for bordering
  2. Azaleas: Flowers in a variety of colors to add a tropical feel
  3. Rhododendrons: A great shady solution to add a pop of color
  4. Spiera: A cascading flower that grows easily 
  5. Viburnums: Low maintenance, hardy shrubs that grow quite large