Best Outdoor Fireplaces in Springboro, OH

There may still be some warm days left in Springboro, OH, but not for very long. As we move through the fall season and approach winter with each passing day, the nights will get longer and the temperatures will get chillier. How can you enjoy your nice backyard patio in the middle of freezing Dayton?

KW Landscaping has a simple yet effective solution: installing an outdoor fireplace! Outdoor heating can be a great way to make your backyard or patio more suitable for the colder months, bringing a warm and cozy atmosphere to the space.

Which Fire Feature is Best?

Whether you’re looking to sit around the campfire and toast marshmallows or you want a more traditional-looking fireplace to merge the indoors with the outdoors, there is a fire feature that can work for you.

Gorgeous landscaping for your backyard in Springboro, Ohio.
looking cozy!

The Firepit

It seems like nearly every home in Mason, OH has an outdoor firepit and for good reason; it’s a simple design that not only provides warmth and space for gathering, it also doubles as a grill. Firepits are rectangular, square, or round, and can be made from stone, concrete, brick, or mortar. An in-ground design can blend beautifully with your space, or you can opt for a combo firepit/table design for style and functionality.

who has the marshmallows?

The Fireplace

A fireplace is exactly what it sounds like–a tall, large, eye-catching design built to last. It features a classic chimney (though it’s not as towering as a chimney for an indoor fireplace would be) and can be made of stone, brick, or other materials, as long as it is built to withstand exposure to the elements. This option is perfect for a night of conversation, solitary time with a good book or cup of coffee, or just relaxing.

Fuel Types

Wood? Gas? Electric? What’s the best fuel source for an outdoor fireplace? That decision will ultimately be up to your design and what features you’re looking for. Wood and gas are perfect if you’re looking for a design that has real flames and can be used for grilling/toasting. Electric is perfect if you want the warmth and look of a fireplace but don’t want the hassle of handling wood or gas and real fire.

Ready to Get Started?

If you want to get the most out of your backyard patio, let KW Landscaping help you with installing an outdoor fireplace!