Patios are great outdoor spaces for entertaining in style. With the right fixtures, you can host dinner parties and relax on a well-constructed patio. However, there may come a time when you feel like your space hasn’t reached its full potential. After all, what’s the point of an outdoor space if it serves no real purpose?

If you’re considering updating your patio but aren’t sure if it’s the right time, keep reading to discover the best reasons to update sooner rather than later.

When You Notice Paver Damage

Patio upgrades are relatively common, considering Ohio’s climate. With a large range of seasonal variability, summers in the state are warm and humid while winters are typically freezing cold. The extreme temperature changes may damage your paver patio sooner than expected, prompting an upgrade.

As an outdoor living space, your patio requires a significant level of care. It is exposed to the elements. What may seem like little cracks could collect water, freeze during winter, and break altogether. Should you notice any seemingly minor damage on your pavers, consider calling an expert to address the situation immediately.

When You Want to Use Your Outdoor Space More

Is your bleak patio stopping you from enjoying your summer? That’s a sign to get a patio upgrade. Your outdoor space must be as functional and attractive as possible, which requires specific fixtures that serve unique purposes. For instance, you might like an outdoor kitchen to host al fresco dinner parties. 

This is only the beginning of entertaining in style. You could host small events such as mini-concerts and backyard parties. The possibilities are endless! But, you’ll need the right equipment to accommodate your ideas. Discuss your goals with a professional contractor to determine the relevant updates your patio will need.

When You’re Ready for Something New

Spending year after year staring out of your window at the same old patio can get dull. What you may have liked years ago might not be your style anymore. If you’re looking for a general design upgrade or revamp to keep up with the latest patio trends, it’s time to get in touch with a professional landscaping team.

Popular Patio Updates

Common patio upgrades include:

  • Outdoor Kitchens and Bars: These fixtures are great additions to host parties without having to keep going inside your house to serve guests.
  • Gazebos: Staying outdoors doesn’t mean you have to be exposed to the sun and rain. Have a gazebo or pergola installed for shelter.
  • Open Fire Pit: This fixture is great for enjoying your summer with backyard camping sessions or simple weekend hangouts.


The best time to update your patio is when you want to maximize your outdoor space’s potential. Survey your patio and assess whether you are using it as much as you want to. If not, think about why that might be the case. Perhaps it lacks the right fixtures to be a functional outdoor space.

Even if you like your current patio, it might have endured certain damage from the harsh Ohio weather. Consider having a seasoned landscape professional survey your patio to determine whether patio upgrades are necessary. Reach out to us today!