Concrete patios are still very popular in Ohio, and for good reason. They’re durable, cost-effective, and practical. But they also have their downsides. Repairing cracks can be difficult, and sinkage can lead to unsightly damage or puddling. But for a lot of our Centerville customers, they’re just not inspiring.

The good news is that homeowners have a lot of options when deciding what to do with their concrete patio. 

KW Landscaping is all about helping others find joy in their outdoor spaces. Whether you need to replace a damaged concrete patio or just add some life to your favorite gray slab, there’s something for everyone in this blog. We’ve broken it down into three main sections: Refresh, Repair, and Replace.

We are also going to look at less-than-ideal solutions, because we want you to have a full picture of the options. 


My patio is in good condition, but I don’t love it.

The outdoor space of your home can add so much to your life. Hardscapes like your patio give you a place to gather, to relax, to remember. A concrete patio in good condition does exactly that, but it doesn’t exactly do so in style. 

If you picture a concrete or cement patio in your head, it is probably square. And while that makes a lot of sense, it can also make a concrete patio look “out of place”. 

That’s why so many Montgomery, OH homeowners search for ways to improve their existing patio. Below are a couple of our favorite ways to Refresh your poured concrete patio.

New Geometry Using Pavers

When the concrete is poured, great care needs to be taken in supporting, leveling, and grading it. This makes it difficult for a concrete patio to feel like a natural part of the house or landscape. But in many cases, all it needs is a little help.

Pavers are a popular option for replacing a concrete patio, but they are also the perfect way to give it character and beauty. You can add flowing lines and ditch the square look. Use them to accent your patio with some color and a rich pattern. Incorporate raised sections or other details to blend the concrete patio with your landscape.

Adding pavers to the mix will bring new life to your patio, without needing to remove and replace the existing concrete.

Raised Beds Around the Patio

Aesthetics are definitely a concrete patio’s weak suit. But add some raised beds on each side? Now it has a more refined look, and also feels more connected with the rest of your architecture. 

Painting Your Concrete Patio

There are a lot of reasons for painting your concrete patio, but we’ve found it is not a great solution for a lasting result. Concrete is quite porous, and even outdoor flooring paints will show signs of wear sooner or later. Something as simple as moving a table can leave visible scratches. 

That said, some paints offer more grip than plain concrete, which you’ll appreciate when coming in from the pool. Before deciding to paint your concrete patio, we’d recommend getting advice from a professional. The last thing you want is to be worse off than when you started due to damage or wear.


My patio is uneven or has some cracks, but I want to keep it.

Concrete is a long-lasting material, but there are a lot of ways for it to get damaged. Things like erosion, animal burrows, and temperature changes all affect concrete’s stability and lifespan.

Concrete is a porous material, and the expansion and contraction of water can lead to cracks. Once there’s a crack, it gives water another way in. You’ll start to see the concrete erode along the crack, slowly worsening.

Poured concrete patios can also sink or ‘settle’. This can cause everything from cracks, to puddling of water, to trip and fall accidents. If caught in time, the patio can likely be raised. Cracks can also be repaired, but it is much more difficult than replacing a cracked paver or flagstone. Before trying to fill the cracks in your concrete patio, be sure to consult a professional to determine the root cause. Otherwise, you will likely see additional cracks.


I don’t want a concrete patio anymore, what are my options?

If your patio is beyond repair or you just want something different, then replacing it altogether could be the best option. As mentioned above, pavers are a great alternative to concrete. They are denser, and also much easier to repair or replace down the road.

Pavers come in a huge variety of colors, shapes, patterns, and materials. For designing and building a patio that’s exactly the way you want it, it’s hard to beat patio pavers.

Another popular and classic option is flagstone. Especially if you own a stone house, a flagstone patio adds a unique level of old-world class. We’ve also published a blog comparing paver and flagstone patios, so be sure to check it out if you’re considering replacing your concrete patio with one of these options.

Of course, you can also install a new concrete patio to replace your old one, or even go with decking materials. 

Love Your Patio

Whether you have concrete, pavers, flagstone, or another material under your feet, the most important thing is that you enjoy your time there. At KW Landscaping, we love nothing more than taking our customers’ dreams and making them reality.

If you’ve been clicking through ideas for patio renovation online, the next step is to consult a professional to turn those ideas into something concrete (pun very much intended). We offer full-service Design, Building, and Maintenance, so our Ohio customers can focus on what’s most important: Loving their outdoor space.