There are a number of ways to make your patio, porch, or garden stand out. One of the most popular ways for Ohio residents to update their outdoor space is to add in water features! We offer a wide variety of these, meaning that there is a great water feature out there for everyone. Water features are engaging and visually appealing; they’ll make your garden the talk of the neighborhood.

KW Landscaping is all about helping our customers find joy and tranquility in their outdoor spaces. When you work with us to add a water feature to your property you can rest assured that it will be installed correctly and that it will liven up your patio, porch, or garden. This article is going to examine four different categories of water feature: fountains, bubblers, waterfalls, and ponds.

A beautiful fountain installed by KW Landscaping


When many Centerville residents think of water features, fountains are the first thing that come to mind. Fountains are very versatile: one can go with a classical fountain inspired by the timeless style of the Greeks and Romans, or with more modern designs that complement any outdoor space.

A fountain will add tranquility to your outdoor space no matter the style you select. They can be built on a smaller scale than some other water features, so a fountain can be a great water feature for a smaller yard, or to go alongside a bountiful garden – or even another water feature.

A tranquil bubbler installed by the team at KW Landscaping


Bubblers are fairly similar to fountains. The core idea is the same: the bubbler emits water from the top of the sculpture or shape we install in your garden or patio. It then runs down the feature or shoots through the air, drains, and the process starts again. Where bubblers differ from fountains is in their aesthetic presence. A bubbler is specifically designed to imitate the sound of running water, which provides a lovely background noise to your outdoor space.

Imagine: you have a few close friends over for an intimate night on your back patio. As you all smile, chat, and snack, the sound of running water forms a tranquil backdrop for the evening. Everyone will want to attend social events in your space!

A stunning waterfall and stream system dreamed up and built by the KW team

Waterfalls and Streams

While fountains and bubblers are not necessarily large-scale water features, waterfalls and streams are quite a statement. KW Landscaping can build you a striking landscape that centers a flowing waterfall, or even a man-made stream!

These water features are incredibly complex and require true professionals to install. We will work closely with you to execute a creative vision that transforms your backyard, patio, garden, or other outdoor space. Adding a waterfall is a sure way to reinvigorate your property!

A self-contained pond designed and installed by KW Landscaping


Ponds combine some of the best aspects of the features discussed above. We are able to make maintenance-free ponds that add to your enjoyment of your property, and not your workload. Our ponds are visually striking, and they’re great for the environment! You’ll find that the local flora and fauna in your area will appreciate the addition of a pond, and that you can be a healthy participant in the local ecosystem by installing one.

A stunning water feature designed and built by the KW team

Adding A Water Feature To Your Property

We install fountains, bubblers, waterfalls, streams, and ponds. Whatever the condition and size of your patio, garden, backyard, or porch, we can add a water feature that is sure to impress! The creative and hardworking team here at KW Landscaping in Franklin, OH will work with you every step of the way to make sure that you really love your new water feature. Contact us today to schedule an initial consultation!