It’s that time of year in Springboro, Ohio.

Pumpkin spiced everything! 

With Fall quickly approaching, KW Landscaping is putting a wrap on its summer projects. But that doesn’t mean there still isn’t time to secure fall planting, patio projects, or book your new pool for this upcoming Spring with us. Visit the contact form to start planning your next project today!

As we prepare for the spooks and scares of Halloween and the season of giving thanks, it’s a great opportunity to give your Dayton, Ohio home a landscaping refresh. Leaves fall and change the look and feel of every yard, so seasonal planting is one of our favorite ways to add personality and curb appeal to a living, breathing landscape.

Let’s fall into some of our favorite autumn plants for our Ohio climate:

  • Mums: “The quintessential fall flower, you can pick up mums for (practically) a dime a dozen at the grocery store. Set the pots in bright, indirect light and water consistently throughout autumn. To keep ’em blooming (and looking neat), cut off buds as they wilt.” (via good housekeeping)
  • Pansies: “Pansies can’t tolerate heat, but they can withstand the winter. Plant ’em at the end of summer and they’ll bloom until a hard frost.” (via good housekeeping)
  • Sunflowers: “They may peak mid-summer, but most sunflowers will keep shooting up, up, up even as the weather cools. Harvest when the seeds start to turn brown, or the backs of the seed heads turn yellow.” (via good housekeeping)
  • Perennial Sage: “Beginner gardeners take note of these sturdy (and aromatic!) stems. The flowering spikes also come with gorgeous silvery foliage to boot.”(via good housekeeping)

Cooler weather doesn’t mean you can’t continue to work on your yard or have the team at KW Landscaping get you Fall Ready. Enjoy your autumn and let us know how KW Landscaping can assist you and your yard dreams!