Are you a Springboro, OH homeowner looking to expand your outdoor living? Whether you have an existing home or a newer construction home, it’s not uncommon to be lacking on patio space. Oftentimes, builders neglect exterior spaces, leaving homeowners in Dayton, OH dissatisfied with their outdoor living spaces.

Suffer from square concrete slab syndrome? We see it all the time, left with an eight-foot by eight-foot piece of concrete to place all of your patio furniture. 

KW Landscaping has one goal: To help our customers, neighbors, and the wider community realize their dreams. It’s not about a specific product or style. It’s about how you experience your garden or patio. The memories you make, and the community you share them with. 

One of the pieces we are most passionate about is the design of your new patio. A landscaping company without a plan, relying on the customer to make tough decisions, can lead to a less than satisfactory result. At KW Landscaping, we avoid that problem, we approach with design as the first step along the path to your new patio.


Every patio project is different and has its own set of challenges from the property owner’s schedule and timeline to weather and season. That is why we have developed our own process to ensure every customer big or small, new or old, spring or fall gets the FULL KW EXPERIENCE from start to finish.

We begin with a consultation, learn what you are looking for, and visualize and document your existing space. Our owner Keith Williams) is known for Giving you a one of a kind design where neither form nor function is compromised. 

We make project recommendations and drawings based on your input and insight, guiding you with our expertise to find you the best patio solution for your space, climate, soil, grade…you name it!


The build process and installation of your patio shouldn’t be stressful. Leave the stress to us! Once you’ve approved your patio design, it’s up to KW landscaping to do the heavy lifting. We use the right equipment and the best quality materials to ensure functionality and lasting durability for your outdoor living space. We clean the job site each day and provide a thorough walkthrough at multiple points during the process to ensure we are on schedule, budget, and most importantly providing the homeowner the patio and outdoor living space in Springboro, OH that exceeds their expectations.

We’ve always thought of KW Landscaping as more than a business. It’s a way of helping others achieve their goals. It’s a way to express and give form to the dreams of our neighbors. For you, that might start with deciding between flagstone and pavers. Our commitment, no matter your goals, is for you to feel joy every time you walk out your door. We are here to help you with your planning and design, so just get in touch and find out if KW Landscaping is right for your patio project.