When Mason, OH homeowners are installing or replacing their patio or driveway, many compare natural flagstone vs pavers as their top options. Flagstone and pavers are two of the most popular choices for home exteriors due to their aesthetic and functional benefits.

Below, we’re going to be comparing pavers vs flagstone patios, walkways, and driveways based on price, durability, and options. There are several factors to consider when deciding between these two popular materials, so it’s worth it for Ohio homeowners to do their research and pick the option that works best for them, whether it’s natural flagstone or pavers.

KW Landscaping has one goal: To help our customers, neighbors, and the wider community realize their dreams. It’s not about a specific product or style. It’s about how you experience your garden or patio. The memories you make, and the community you share them with. 

Deciding between pavers and flagstone is just one step in turning the typical patio into something transcendent. KW Landscaping is with you from Point A to Point Z, and we invite you to contact us for information about how to transform your garden or patio.

Pavers vs Flagstone: Appearance

For many homeowners and new buyers, attractiveness is the most important factor when choosing a material for their patio or driveway. An attractive paver or flagstone patio not only improves the aesthetics and feel of your home, it can also add to your home’s value and curb appeal. 

Centerville homeowners know that the appearance and quality of their exterior surfaces are important, which is why flagstone and pavers are two of their top options. Flagstone in particular is a classic, high-class look with centuries of use. But for many homeowners, the expense of installing and maintaining a natural flagstone patio put it out of reach.

Modern pavers can be expertly engineered to replicate the look of natural flagstone, but are also more versatile in their appearance. So while they can look like natural flagstone, they also open up other colors and textures. But which is right for you?

KW Landscaping looks at a range of factors when recommending or designing for a specific kind of surface. Everything from the color of your home, to your decking materials, to your favorite summer flowers can inform the ideal look. 

We also get asked about the price difference between flagstone and pavers, and have dedicated a section below to that topic.

Pavers vs Flagstone: Price Comparison

Price of material and cost of ownership are natural considerations when deciding on your patio design. A key difference between flagstone and pavers is that pavers are manufactured, while flagstone needs to be quarried. 

And while pavers can be designed on-demand to homeowner specifications, flagstone requires additional care in layout and planning. That said, flagstone has long been a beautiful, durable hardscaping material. For many Ohio homeowners, there is simply no substitute.

Which is more expensive?

If you look at pure cost of material per square foot, flagstone can be less expensive than many pavers. However, natural flagstone can be more expensive to install and maintain than man-made pavers. 

Depending on your hardscaping project, the flagstone may need to be cut to size. The fact that flagstone is a natural material also requires additional preparation prior to installation.

Meanwhile, since pavers are man-made, they can be manufactured in any configuration and size that buyers want. This can reduce installation costs, and also explains the slightly higher average material cost.

Of course, the above is a very general look at the price of each option. Flagstone encompasses everything from Limestone to Quartzite, with prices ranging from roughly $80-$575/ton. And if you’ve already started your landscaping Pinterest board, you already know there are a lot of paver options to choose from.

The Most Important Choice?

Choosing landscapers who care.

When it comes to your home and quality of life, you deserve a landscaping team that cares about the little things. Just because two companies offer the same services, it doesn’t mean you get the same level of service. 

We’ve always thought of KW Landscaping as more than a business. It’s a way of helping others achieve their goals. It’s a way to express and give form to the dreams of our neighbors. For you, that might start with deciding between flagstone and pavers. Our commitment, no matter your goals, is for you to feel joy every time you walk out your door. We are here to help you in your planning and design, so just get in touch and find out if KW Landscaping is right for your flagstone or paver patio project.