After a long, dark winter, spring is arriving! This means that it’s time for Springboro residents to consider what will need to happen to get your outdoor space in good shape for the spring and summer. Maintaining your garden, patio, deck, and yard can be an arduous task. Many busy folks don’t have time to do so, or don’t want to spend their free time in the backyard spreading mulch – they’d rather be able to come home from work and enjoy their yard! That’s where we come in: KW Landscaping is the Franklin area’s premier landscaping company. We can handle everything that needs to be done to get your patio or garden into tip-top shape! We can help you prepare for spring.

Preparing Flower Beds and Gardens for Spring

After a long winter there is often a lot to do to get a flower bed or garden ready for the growing season. One first has to clean up all of the debris that may have accumulated. If you fail to do this then the garden will not look pristine, and certain debris can even cause problems for plant growth as it decays.

Once you’ve cleaned up the flower bed, new plants have to be added! One can never have too many beautiful flowers, after all. Finally, one must add mulch to make sure that everything grows well. Mulch prevents damage from any late frosts and it looks much better than loose dirt! It also offers significant customization options, as it comes in all sorts of shapes and colors.

Dealing with Possible Ice Damage to a Deck or Patio

The harsh winters in our area can, unfortunately, damage patios and decks. The first thing you’ll want to do – or have done – after the winter breaks is inspect your patio for ice damage. Ice damage occurs when water melts, seeps into cracks, and then freezes. This causes it to expand, which can lead to serious damage. Ice damage gets worse if it is left untreated, so checking for it is very important.

Now you may be wondering, what does one do once they’ve found ice damage? It depends on the exact material that your deck or patio is made of. Usually concrete or other similar materials suffer the worst ice damage. You’ll want to see that any expanded cracks get patched. This will prevent further ice damage and it will keep your patio looking nice! Wood usually just needs a touch-up, and that’s something that our team is great at.

What Else Should You Do for Your Patio or Deck?

There are a few other things to do to get your patio or deck ready for spring. You’ll want to check for mildew or algae, which can sometimes grow on it. The stains should be fairly noticeable, and thankfully there are simple remedies for removing them. The KW team is very skilled at this! Once you’ve sorted out any ice damage and have removed algae and mold, it’s time to seal your deck. This will help prevent further damage or growth.

A Beautiful Spring Space

If you follow our above advice for getting your garden, flower beds, patio, or deck ready for spring, then you’ll be in great shape! Working with our experienced team here at KW Landscaping in Franklin, OH is a breeze. Let us help you prepare for spring!