Giving your backyard some personality and flare while still being functional can be a difficult task.  How do you know what you need, what will look best and fit the area, and what designs you will enjoy the most?  Sometimes simply having a few ideas can help, especially when you have KW Landscaping helping you with the difficult choices.

There are some items that will help you to really narrow down some overall ideas on what you may want for your perfect backyard.  Here are 10 backyard design tips for your home:

  1. Think of your backyard as an extension to your home.

Visualize your backyard just like the inside of your home.  Imagine a living room, kitchen, and dining room.  Where would you want a space to sit and chill, maybe have a television outside?  Where would you want your table and chairs for eating?  Are you envisioning a grilling area and possibly a stove or fireplace?  What “rooms” would you like to have to enjoy the exterior of your home just as much as you do the interior?  After all, you own that space too!  Celebrate with family and friends outside in an area that you are proud of and enjoy using.

  1. How do you want to use the space?

Once you view your exterior as an extension to your interior, let’s think about how you would use the space.  Do you entertain a lot of people or just your small family?  Are you outside often when it gets dark?  Considering these questions will help you to determine the use of your exterior design. Do you want something larger or more elaborate for entertaining?  Or cozy and simple for a family of four?  Do you need to factor in specific lighting for entertaining or lounging outside in the evening?  Would you want a fire pit or fireplace?  Lighting is an important aspect of design, and is even more important when you are outside at night.  Deciding what type of lighting you would enjoy will set the ambiance and overall feel of the area.

  1. Don’t over landscape.

“Cutting corners” isn’t necessarily a bad thing when it comes to landscaping.  Rounding out corners and starting concrete patios away from your foundation not only saves you money but also looks aesthetically pleasing.  Only landscape the areas you will actually use.  For example, when designing a patio, you can skip the spots that you won’t ever walk on or put furniture on and instead find other ways to make it look beautiful, like river rock.  There is no need to pay for concrete in areas you will not utilize.

  1. Think about future maintenance.

Are you looking for something that will be low maintenance?  Or do you have the time and enjoy keeping up with your landscaping?  Either way, we have you covered!  We can help you design a backyard that you will enjoy keeping tidy or you can have us  maintain your beautiful landscaping for you, so you don’t have to worry about it!

  1. Which is better?  Rocks or mulch?

A variety is always nice, but this is personal preference depending on where it is located.  You should never place mulch close to your home’s foundation and should instead use rocks.  There are many types of rocks you can use in your landscaping as well, so be sure to consult your KW Landscaping designer for options and tips.

Using gravel in landscaping near Springboro, Ohio
Backyard Design Tips for creating a living area outside.
  1. Choose the right type of furniture.

We can help you decide the right furniture for the look you are going for, but the takeaway here is to make sure that whatever you choose, you use.  Do you want chairs, couches, or a chaise?  Something high-end or simple?  Would you enjoy a hammock or hammock chair?  You can get as creative or stay as simple as you’d like. Just make sure that it suits your outdoor lifestyle. 

  1. Add in or accent an existing water feature.

Whether you have a pool or just want the relaxing sounds and ambiance of a fountain, water can really make a space elegant.  Thinking about what type of water feature you want or making a pool or water feature you already have really stand out can finish off a beautiful backyard.  Floral accents and lighting will really take your backyard water feature to the next level.

  1. Design

There are several things to consider when designing a space.  Scale, variety, emphasis, texture, and color are all important items to think about when creating an exterior environment.  Consult with your designer so you know how to incorporate these design elements into your space to make it stand out from the rest.

  1. It’s all fun and games…

Do you like to play games?  You may want to consider a spot outside for games!  You may want to think about shade or ground cover, depending on your game of preference.  Would you like a bocce ball court?  A cornhole board area? Or a pergola for shade?  This could help you to define some areas outside for entertainment and assist in the overall design process.

  1. Where do I start?

We are here to help!  Give us ideas on what you are wanting, how you will be using the space, and any inspiration you can find to give us a little background on what you are envisioning.  Then let us do the work!  We will not only come up with a complete design for your home’s landscaping, but we will also provide you with a digital walk-through so you don’t even have to worry about envisioning what it will look like…we will show you!  We know redesigning your backyard is a big decision.  We want to make sure that you are happy and excited about your new outdoor design without any worries.  We can even take care of the maintenance and upkeep afterwards so you can sit back, relax, and enjoy your dream backyard. 

Questions?  Give us a call at (937) 846-5100 or check the rest of our  website for more information!  

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